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Jennjoley Braveheart

Sire: Alpha Centauri Kommissar
Dam: Alpha Centauri Crysten
IAR: 182734
Colour: Solid White
DOB: 30 November 2014
Price: Not for outside mating as yet

Braveheart is a multiple Supreme Champion over a range of ages starting as a Junior, he is fine with an elite bundling and crimp style, extremely dense, soft and even with a beautiful temperament, an absolute pleasure to own and exactly what we are aiming to have a paddock full off.



                                                                                       S-Benleigh Lorimer

                                                S -Elysion Jupiter

                                                                                       D-Benleigh Jubilation

Sire: Alpha Centauri Kommissar-                                   

                                                                                      S-Jolimont Conquistador                                                                        

                                                D -Alpha Centauri Keoney

                                                                                       D-Wollondilly Rani


                                                                                       S-Benleigh Lorimer

                                                S -Elysion Jupiter

                                                                                       D-Benleigh Jubilation

Dam: Alpha Centauri Crysten-

                                                                                       S-Shanbrooke Society Class Act                                        

                                               D -Alpha Centauri Conchessa

                                                                                       D-Lorus Dream Star Jasmine

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IMG 0738
IMG 9595

Ashbourne Bulgari

Sire: Malakai Fire Chief
Dam: Australian Coco Chenel
IAR: 222929
Colour: Solid White
DOB: 23 January 2017
Price: Not for outside matings, not yet Certified

Bulgari is a beautiful tempered, dense, silky & stylish male. Adding to our genetics Malakai Fire Chief & Camelot Tor with solid genetics on his dams side all the way back to Brigantine.

IMG 4518
IMG 4443

Jennjoley Fiorente

Sire: Cedar House Mr Bojangles
Dam: Mount Hercules Phebe
IAR: 182730
Colour: Solid Light Fawn
DOB: 5 November 2013
Price: $800.00

Jennjoley Fiorente is a light fawn male with horseshoe style crimp, beautiful bundling and a soft very dense, lustrous fleece.

Jennjoley Fiorente is a numerous broad ribbon winner and a Supreme Champion, see our Show Results page for details.

Fiorentes first two cria were entered into Sires Progeny at their first show being Winter Wonderland and won 1st in Sires Progeny, with the female also taking Reserve Champion Junior Female, looking forward to some more lovely cria from this boy 


                                                                                       S-Peruvian Sire

                                                S -Cedar House Tijera Hugo

                                                                                       D-Peruvian Dam

Sire: Ceder House Mr Bojangles-                                   

                                                                                      S-ILR Peruvian Ausengate                                                                        

                                                D -Burnigula Evita

                                                                                       D-Burnigula Eve


                                                                                       S-Purrumbette Highlander

                                                S -Windsong Valley Iceman

                                                                                       D-Purrumbette Ice Star

Dam: Mount Hercules Phebe-

                                                                                       S-Mount Hercules Thor                                        

                                               D -Mount Herciles Isis

                                                                                       D-Coolaroo Jaminu Coorie 

FiorenteIMG 0471

Jennjoley Horus

Sire: Forestglen Warlord
Dam: Mount Hercules Isis
IAR: 182728
Colour: Solid Light Fawn
DOB: 2 March 2013
Price: $600.00

Jennjoley Horus is a light fawn male with an extremely fine, soft and dense fleece, he has excellent crimp definition all on a good strong frame.

Jennjoley Horus is a broad ribbons winner, please see show results page for details.

Jennjoley Horus

Jennjoley Sir Maximus

Sire: Alpacapartners Bonaparte
Dam: Millpaca Savannah
IAR: 182732
Colour: Grey
DOB: 29 November 2013
Price: SOLD to Kallaroos Alpaca Stud

Jennjoley Sir Maximus is a silver grey male with an extremely fine and dense fleece on an excellent frame with beautiful fleece coverage.

IMG 2805